RHMS PTA Board Nominations Open

Rolling Hills PTA is actively involved in making your middle schooler’s experience better with enriching experiences and community events.

Being on the PTA board is a great way to get involved in the PTA and meaningfully contribute to your school as well as the entire Rolling Hills community. Also, PTA is a nation-wide organization that lobbies for legislation and guidelines that improve our children’s education everywhere.


Please consider joining the board!

Current 7th grade parents: This is your last opportunity to be involved in your child’s middle school education!  Your involvement will help make their final year in middle school even more special.


We are now accepting nominations for the 2017-2018 PTA board! Positions currently available are listed below. If you are interested, please contact Chrissy Ulrey (christineulrey@gmail.com), Sangeetha Sriram (sansriram@gmail.com), or Marcia Kennedy (marcia.e.kennedy@gmail.com) ASAP.


Available positions are:

Executive VP: Back-up for President in the event he/she is unable to attend a meeting. He/She assists in multiple committees and/or various activities held on campus. The Executive VP helps with Silent Auction along with the Fundraising VP. The position has voting privileges, and the candidate should enjoy working in a team environment.


Secretary: Attendance at monthly meetings and Board meetings to take minutes. Reads minutes at Board meetings for approval and provides input for future projects. He/She has voting privileges, and candidate should be able to listen and write/type concurrently.


Fundraising VP: Responsible for raising money for the operating budget and coordinating monthly events needed to fulfill requests of the organization. He/She has voting privileges, and candidate should enjoy coordinating events. Finding chairs to handle each of the following is encouraged: i.e., person to organize the dining nights, a person to organize the Goodwill recycle days, a team to organize the Silent Auction (along with the Executive VP). You may also develop other fundraising ideas. 


Membership VP: Responsible for planning and oversight of Student Orientation day (a few days before school starts) and recruiting membership to the association year round. He/She has voting privileges, and the candidate should be willing to speak in a group setting (teacher meetings, etc).


Community Events VP: Organizes community-building events. The goal is to host several events throughout the year to invite RHMS families on campus. Currently, these events are: Movie nights (ideally one each trimester), VIP Pancake Breakfast (occurs end of first trimester), and VIP Spaghetti Dinner (occurs end of second trimester). You may also develop other community events. Finding chairs to handle each event is encouraged. The position has voting privileges, and the candidate should enjoy working in a team environment.   


Parliamentarian: Ensures meetings are run by Robert’s Rules of Order. A copy, as well as a simplified version handout, will be provided. Parliamentarian keeps meetings running smoothly, on time, and ensures everyone is being heard: interrupting discussions as necessary and keeping members from speaking over each other. Also responsible for updating bylaws if necessary (will not need updating for ‘17-’18 year). This is a voting position.


Meetings you'll need to attend:

Executive Board Meetings will be held on 7pm, first Monday of EVERY MONTH (all year, including during the summer to close one year and transition to the new Board), attendance strongly requested. Meeting at President’s home or other agreed upon location. 


Association Meetings: Total 5 meetings during the school year, 7pm, third Wednesday of the month, October, January, March, April, May, attendance strongly requested.  Meetings in Library. 

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