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Do you know someone who is energetic, likes to pitch-in, and is a team player? Maybe you are just that person! The RHMS PTA is continually looking for volunteers for this school year. This is your opportunity to get involved and to make a difference!

Meet The Current Board Members


Jenny Holbrook

The President presides at all meetings and acts as a liaison for the Principal. He/She will assist in finding Committee Chairs for various activities held on campus. The position has voting privileges, and the candidate should have some experience with working and leading a team.

Executive President

Bianca Kanne

The Executive President works as the primary aide to the president.  Helps lead a PTA towards specific goals consistent with PTA purposes and policies.  Performs president’s duties in his or her absence.  Carries out other duties outlined in unit bylaws and standing rules or as assigned

VP Membership

Your Name Here

The  Vice President, Membership is responsible for Student Orientation planning, oversight and for recruiting membership to the association year round. He/She has voting privileges, and the candidate should be willing to speak in a group setting (teacher meetings, etc).

VP Education Fund

Sowmya Simha

The  Education Fund Vice President is responsible for communicating the Education Fundraising goal, overseeing the collection of donations and getting tax donation letters and magnets out to the donators. He/She has voting privileges, and will work closely with the Treasurer to record incoming monies and names.


Talia Scianna

The Secretary shall be in attendance at monthly meetings and Board meetings to take minutes. This position reads minutes at the Board meetings for approval and provides input for future projects. He/She has voting privileges, and the candidate should be able to listen and write/type concurrently.


Jennifer Jodoin

The Treasurer helps develop a budget, collects fundraising money, writes checks for purchases and reimbursements, tracks all income and spending, presents financial reports at meetings, and prepares the books for periodic audits. He/She has voting privileges.

PTA Board members

VP Communications

Manika Sawhney

The Vice President, Communications is responsible for ensuring the distribution of all information from the PTA to the community. He/She will coordinate the publication of all online and printed flyers, posts, blogs and any social media posts.  He/she has voting privileges.


Emmy Gregory-Bryson

The Parliamentarian ensures all meetings are run by Robert’s Rules of Order. A copy, as well as a simplified version handout, will be provided. The Parliamentarian will keep meetings running smoothly, on time and ensure everyone is being heard: interrupting discussions as necessary, keeping members from speaking over each other.

In charge of updating bylaws if necessary. He/She has voting privileges. 

Web Master

Social Event Coordinator

Your Name Here

The Social Event Coordinator is responsible for all family events such as Books and Bratwursts, Movie Nights, and the Breakfast and Dinners to celebrate the end of trimesters one and two.

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